The Goodwin Club


Third-wave ska band from Huntington Beach California. A group of cute kids met and formed a band at the ripe age of 16. Some were even younger than that! Recorded a couple of celebrated cassette demos. They ended up owning the OC ska scene, playing with every big ska-punk band of the era.

Born 1993 died 1995. In the words of Tami, “We ate a lot of Taco Bell, and we had a song about a dragon slayer. Most of the members went on to be in better bands.”

Reunion shows ever-threatening. Kinky Kontrol is constantly pushing for them even if we have to do the shows ourselves and drag them out of bed to play them in their PJs!


Tami Demaree, Erick Hauser, Chris Scott, Patrick McDonald, Adam Diebert, Dean Medford, Rich Wrathers, Rich Zahniser, Jesse Wilder, Corey Pollack