Radioactive Chicken Heads – Tales From The Coop CD



TALES FROM THE COOP, the Radioactive Chicken Heads most ambitious and ridiculous album yet, contains 13 spooky songs such as “Cluck at the Moon,” “Killer Klownfish,” “Wiccan Chicken,” “Creeping Onions,” & “Poultrygeist” with beautiful cover art by Nouar and guest appearances by Dukey Flyswatter of Haunted Garage, Ronald Osbourne of Mac Sabbath, Dominque Lenore Persi of Stolen Babies, Count Smokula, Dave Klein of Agent Orange/The Ghastly Ones, Sam Hallis of Red Pony Clock/Koi Division and a collaboration with Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize/Outkast.

Also check out their rad cover of Maxwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me!”

1.Tales from the Coop 03:24
2 Cluck at the Moon 02:35
3.Somebody’s Watching Me 02:54
4.Wiccan Chicken 03:39
5.Killer Klownfish 02:36
6. Bad Egg 03:20
7. Creeping Onions 02:14
8. Chomp 03:35
9. Frankenchicken 03:39
10. Officer Quackly 02:52
11. Dr. Kluckinstein’s Manifesto 04:08
12. RCH Fight Song 01:01
13. Poultrygeist 04:04

CD in beautiful digipak packaging, including bonus “Radioactive Chicken Heads Vs. the Legion of Goons” mini-poster and lyric sheet. So rad. 2017