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Which came first? The Kinky or the Pan? Kinky Kontrol founder Kebin’s electro-pop collaboration with Shingo Asari, of The Vandals remixing fame. The origin of the band is simultaneously the birthplace of Kinky Kontrol in its earliest form, a small record label in Osaka, Japan. Once the band formed, so too did Kinky Kontrol.

In this mammoth debut release, we’re introduced into the expanded universe of Panda, No Panda–one filled with space janitor superheroes, malicious robotic insects, cult film tribute anthems, odd obsessions with the film “A Perfect Storm,” pets, drunks, romances, heartbreaks and sexual cheesecakes. Even a secret cover or two. Ben from Zebrahead called it a “party in a box.” Open it up and get surprised.