Kinki Believes In You Tribute/Benefit T



If you ever visited us at Kinky Kontrol Heaquarters in the first three years, you might have met the miraculous rescue hamster named Kinki. Kebin found him running in the street, and swooped him up, took him to the shop and gave him a two-story three bedroom apartment.

Over the years Kinki survived a shop fire, and a second brief stint on the streets when an unknowing neighbor found him roaming the halls of the building and thought he was a stray to be discarded in a box on at a busy intersection. Through it all his cheerful and indefatigable spirit inspired everyone who met him.

He will forever represent the shop’s scrappy attitude and refusal to give in, even when times are ridiculously hard. We always wished we could speak hamster and interview him about he ended up running down the street that fateful day. It will always remain a mystery but one thing is for sure, Kinki is legend.

It’s with his passing that we at KKHQ decided to do a proper send up of a former shop shirt. This time we’re going full color simulated process, an upgrade from the former one color art deco print you might have received from the shop. Prints on the shop chief’s favorite Ts (Comfort Colors). Donating all profits to The Gentle Barn in Kinki’s name. The Gentle Barn is a rescue network for a wide variety of animals.

In case you didn’t know, the future goal for Kinky Kontrol HQ is to eventually be an art commune and animal rescue–that at the same time works with the best people out there to make quality merch. It was rather serendipitous that Kinki wandered into Kebin’s life and vice versa and started the cycle early. We knew it would take a while to get to that eventual goal, but Kinki wanted to give us a head start so we could see what it would be like.

For fans of Kinki, this shirt is for you. Enjoy these limited Ts, and feel good that your money is going to save more beautiful creatures. Kebin will personally match the final donation total from his own savings.

T-shirt comes in “Pepper” colored short sleeve and long sleeve.

We thank you as always for your support of a small business that could. Viva Kinki the miracle hamster!!